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The Windsor Collection

Global Sourcing of Drinkware and Awards & Recognition Products

Objective: A corporation wanted a gift to give out at their annual shareholders meeting.

Solution: Exclusive “World Cup” Glass Mug

Every year the annual meeting was held in December, just prior to the holidays. Tote bags filled with meeting materials would be distributed to the shareholders, but the company wanted to include a gift as well. Since the company was going to be announcing the addition of several overseas offices, the promotional consultant suggested the Exclusive “World Cup”. It re-enforced the fact that the company was going global and proved to be an attractive and functional desktop item.

Objective: A gym wanted to reward participants of a weight loss contest

Solution: BPA Free “Baltic Collection” Sports Bottle

The gym was sponsoring a 3 month long weight loss challenge, with the grand prize being a year long membership. They wanted a unique gift to give to all the participants that would encourage them to continue their exercise programs, even after the contest had ended. The personal trainers had held weekly weigh-in sessions with the "contestants" and had observed that they always carried water bottles. The promotional consultant suggested the BPA FREE “Baltic Collection” sports bottle. With a measuring scale on the backside, contestants could measure and mentally track their water intake. The trainers loved that their gift would also help their members continue on with their weight loss.

Objective: To find a promotional product for an industry conference, taking regional marketing into consideration.

Solution: The Napa Collection

A distributor of nutrients and pesticides to the agricultural, horticultural, lawn, garden and feed industries, sponsors and attends trade shows and association meetings Needing a promotional gift for it’s top 1000 attendees, they wish to choose one that is regionally applicable (Northern CA), but is also functional. The Napa Collection answers the call. Branding not only their company, but also wine vineyard rich Northern California, the recipients leave with a wine glass branded with the company’s logo while remembering the company is the premier agricultural company in Northern California’s wine country.

Objective: Finding “green” water bottles at a pleasing-enough price point to serve as an effective fundraiser.

Solution: The Cyclist Collection. When members of the non-profit, civic design collaborative needed a product for a week-long series of events focused on building a greener community, they turned to the Cyclist Collection.

The main event is a free, outdoor “green” information fair and fundraiser, where festival-goers sample local music, local eats, green seminars and green products hailing from the local area and beyond. This festival’s “green” goes beyond just skin deep: It had been determined that, as much as possible, everything used in and for the festival would be eco-friendly, self-sustaining, recyclable or biodegradable. This included utensils, plates and cups—even water bottles.

To encourage hydration in the hot sun, the event planners team played it smart—environmentally and health- and fundraising-wise—by deciding to sell water bottles, the proceeds of which help defray the cost of the event. The economically price Cyclist Collection was the “green” item they needed, at the price point required!

Objective: Improve poor communication with distributors

Solution: The Carnival Cup Collection

A large food distribution company was receiving complaints from consumers that retailers were failing to properly store the company’s products. Communication was obviously faulty, and the company wanted to rectify the problem by reminding the retailers of their obligations.
The company decided to go on the offensive, and educate retailers about taking proper care of their products. They sent memos to 1,800 supermarket retailers thanking them for their business and reminding them of the importance of storing food according to direction. The memo was accompanied by a special promotional mug. The message printed on the mug was “cold, crisp & delicious.” It alluded to how the retailers were expected to store the company’s products.

Objective: To identify a promotional product ideal for drawing crowds and propagating a brand. Tradeshows, conferences, and other industry events are about driving traffic in order to communicate your brand and its offerings. A product was needed that was fun, relevant, re-usable, and showcased the logo for maximum brand exposure.

Solution: The 20 oz. Red Venice Sports Bottle. This item was chosen and served as the main giveaway at the tradeshow booth. With the Venice’s large imprint area with full wrap capacity, the company’s logo was prominently displayed. This BPA Free aluminum bottle is reusable, which translated into numerous and continuous brand interactions in the days/weeks/months to come.

Objective: A non-profit organization, which specializes in beautifying your surrounding neighborhood, needs ‘thank you’ gifts for an upcoming pledge drive they will be holding. Being a non-profit, they needed an item that had a lot of ‘bang for the buck’. Further, in keeping with the overall mission of the non-profit, the selected item must eco-friendly.

Solution: With 16 billion paper coffee cups thrown away every year (and many of them tossed aside as litter), the non-profit opted for our 10 oz. e.Ssential Travel Cup with green silicon lid. The e.Ssential’s solid, double walled porcelain construction and easy to clean silicon lid provided a reusable, budget and eco friendly solution.

The pledge drive was a huge success, and drove in a 19% increase in the number of pledges, with a 21% increase in total dollars pledged! The e.Ssential was so popular, they went through their original stock of 800 units, and placed a reorder for 200!

Objective: Finding a hip, functional promotional product for a quarterly sales meeting give aways. Every quarter, sales executives for this company will meet and each will have a theme or key message upon which the sales meeting will hinge. This theme will permeate the sales organization and is normally related to a new technology or product to push in the upcoming quarter. A promotional product was needed to compliment and reinforce the message.

Solution: With its high propensity for daily use, our 11 oz Lime Green Hampton Coffee Mug was the perfect choice. The loved the idea of a coffee mug, and the Hampton comes in 16 colors; allowing them to pick the color mug that was represented in their logo! The theme of the meeting was “Total Solutions Start Now”. This ended up being perfect for a mug as getting a cup of coffee is normally one of the first things we do in the morning. It was a great product to reinforce the message every day, first thing in the morning!

Objective: An up and coming café was losing market share. Many and multiple studies concluded branding, or the lack thereof, as the culprit. The decision was made to re-brand the café and to start from the bottom up. New logos were designed; new signage and menus made, and changes to the interior design were completed. While preparing for their Grand Reopening, they needed a take home item that reinforced the brand.

Solution: As an integral part of the overall re-branding strategy, our 16 oz. pint glass with our custom glow process would be a customer gift for those who attended the Grand Reopening. The logo was screened in green, and the bottom sham was custom sprayed with green as well. The bottom green seemed to have shimmered throughout the glass, leaving a lasting branding impression each time it was used at home.

Objective: To help schoolchildren improve their health by drinking more water while decreasing the amount of shared disposable water bottles which end up cluttering the school. The absentee rate due to illness was growing and a speculated cause was the volume of shared disposable water bottles. To make matters worse, very few of the disposable water bottles made their way to the recycle bin…or the trash can.

Solution: Using our sublimation process, the school was able to solve and overcome both challenges, and add some colorful school pride in the process! They chose our BPA Free aluminum cyclist sports bottle. Our sublimation process allows vibrant four color art to be applied to a variety of our items. Even better, there are no extra charges to personalize! The school opted to proudly and prominently display their school logo on both sides of the bottle, with each student’s name below the logo.

Objective: At the annual meeting of a sporting goods company, awards were needed to reward a variety of key players in sales, finance, operation, logistics, purchasing, and production. Their names, departments, and a tagline of their achievement were needed etched on each award, along with the company’s logo. The distributor was happy to have the order, but was a bit intimidated with having to correctly price the ancillary copy change, personalization and second location charges. This could not only turn confusing for the distributor, but could have put him in the undesirable situation of either having to go back to his customer for the correct, higher price; or simply ‘eating’ the difference and become less profitable.

Solution: The One Price Plan from The Windsor Collection was the answer to his pricing queries. On deep etched awards, The One Price Plan is just that: one price. No set up charge, second location charge, copy change or personalization charges. The distributor was free to charge fair market value for these additional services without fear of lost profits or an angry customer. A flawless execution of the order was the outcome. The One Price Plan granted him time away from tedious pricing and re-pricing, and allowed him to focus on servicing his client and working on the next order.

Objective: Finding and converting prospects into new business is the lifeblood of a successful distributorship. A popular methodology is to offer an opportunity to showcase your worth at a minimal investment risk to the prospect. Having cultivated a prospect, a distributor was asked for coffee mug for a smaller law firm. The standard industry minimum of 72 was over and above the needs of the law firm and they were beginning to get leery about so called ‘minimum quantities”. A coffee mug, at low minimums, was needed that would impress and satisfy the customer, while at the same time open the door to new opportunities within the firm.

Solution: The product solution was simple, and in retrospect, so was the decoration method. Coffee mugs were produced and delivered with an etched imprint. With minimums as low as 12 units on all etched ceramic and glassware, the law firm chose the etched blue Sterling Mug. Their request for 15 was not a problem and the etched imprint added a certain flair of the dignified, which is perfect for a law firm.

Quite simply, the results were re-orders and new orders. The distributor was able to grow with the law firm, and is now even brought into marketing meetings to provide a unique perspective for the firm’s new marketing department. An opportunity transformed into a partnership.

Objective: An association within a University needed a thank you/good bye gift to all 400 of its graduating members. With state and local budgets cut, the award needed extreme perceived value, and as a bonus, the university wanted to incorporate the blue and white colors of the school. They wanted something etched, in either glass or marble; however all of their choices were well out of their budget range. The distributor was fearful the association would simply opt not to give gifts at all, and was afraid of the precedent that would set for this association.

Solution: Enter Art Glass by The Windsor Collection. With its vibrant colors and low prices, art glass is the perfect item when budgets are low and perceived value needs to be high. The Sky was chosen and their association’s logo was deep etched and colorfilled at no extra charge. At such a budget friendly price point, the client was pleasantly shocked at the beauty and value of the art glass award. On time, within budget! The association and the recipients were very impressed and thankful. They currently use other art glass designs for other needs and as budgets has loosened the distributor is strategically positioned to service those needs as well.

Objective: A client with very discriminating tastes needs a product to acknowledge the accomplishments of those in the organization who participate in company sponsored educational seminars. Countless catalogs and websites were sifted and searched through to no avail. The clear had a clear vision for the design of the awards, but nothing could be found to her liking.

Solution: What was needed was a custom item. More importantly, the distributor needed an experienced and knowledgeable partner to help with design, logistics, packaging, and presentation. The Windsor Collection was called to help. Our global sourcing specialists and product designers helped to create and source the perfect award. The award was called the ‘I-Guy’. The head was produced in five colors representing the five successive levels of achievement. The client was thrilled! The distributor was the superstar, and that’s fine by us! More importantly, the relationship between the client and the distributor was strengthened and trust was earned.

ASI: 71920 UPIC: Glass-Am Sage: 52662 Distributor Central: 100166

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